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To find your way to Kalvshult …

From E4, Malmö-Stockholm

Leave the E4 in Markaryd N, driv against Osby, after 8,4 km turn left to Hallaryd. When you come to Hallaryd you drive through the village and keep on going against Killeberg. After 5 km you come to a little road to the right with a sign with Kalvshult on it, after 2km you are here.

From Road 23, Malmö-Växjö

Leave Road Number 23 in Killeberg (a little bit south of Älmhult). When you come to Killeberg you drive straight forward against Hallaryd. After 11 km you come to a sign Kalvshult, there you take to the left (2 km).

When you arrive in Kalvshult our farm is close to the road. We have put up a sign there saying STUGA. On arrival we will show you your cottage and you will get your keys to the house and the boat.

Welcome to Kalvshult!


    We are located in the south of Småland

    We are located at

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    S-343 96 Hallaryd

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